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Harry Potter and Voldermort unite in the fight against justice

Pop quiz: if a beloved children's author who wrote a series of books about good vs evil and about good winning was confronted with injustice, what would the author's reaction be?

If it is JK Rowling that we are referring to above, the answer is to choose to fight for injustice of course.

Russia joins the Assault on ISIS.

Syria flag

Syrian Flag
Syrian Flag

Russia has loudly entered the Syrian conflict, declaring its war on ISIS.

ISIS, the same bogeyman the western governments want us to be terrified of while ignore the butchery committed by Bashar al Assad.

This intervention has arrived at an opportune moment with the West wavering on who and where they want to fight and Turkey being in a state of flux due to inconclusive elections in June that have left the country in a situation where we are still waiting to see who holds the balance of power.

The Russian intervention could be a game changer, or it could simply only slow the collapse of teh Assad Regime.

The one thing the Russian intervention "against ISIS" has not done, is to actually attack ISIS.

When the BBC tries to demonise Muslims (Ex-Muslim topic)

BBC Scotland Office - Glasgow

BBC Scotland Office - Glasgow
BBC Scotland Office - Glasgow

What do you do as a news organisation when you think you have a meaty story that could go viral and be popular?

The BBC is like a dog with a bone about the topic of people who are leaving Islam. However, since no one has been that interested in the topic, it hasnt really surfaced much.

So what is an organisation to do when it doesnt gain the expected results the first time (9 January 2015)? Well, ofcourse, try again (8 June 2015) and again (28 September 2015).

Halaal Coke

Halaal Coke

Halaal Coke
People discussing Halaal Coke

Sometimes, people are really dismayed when sources of leftwing pro immigrant news such as the Daily Mail fail to cover really important news.

After all, if you cant even rely on the newspapers, who can you rely upon?

Source: Twitter

White saviour complex V Muslim Women

There was an interesting article that was posted in the Guardian a couple of days ago (video of incident that inspired article contains nudity) which discussed the incredulity shown by many westerners when told that Muslim women have always found Islam empowering.

The article is a good read. It was written in response to a Muslim event in France that was discussing the role of women where a couple of protesters from Femen stormed the stage and got naked to "protest for equality".

Cruel Britannia

Two Child Syrian Refugees

Two Child Syrian Refugees
Syrian boys, whose family fled their home in Idlib, walk to their tent, at a camp for displaced Syrians, in the village of Atmeh, Syria, Monday, Dec. 10, 2012

Anyone watching the news will have heard that there is a refugee crisis going on.

The coverage of the refugees has certainly softened over time, from describing them as vermin to swarms, to now describing them as migrants.

While this is still not accurate, it be better than the earlier coverage.

News has mostly turned to the stance taken in relation to refugees by Germany and Hungary.

Eastern European Hostility

The Hungarian Prime Minister has declared himself as the protector of Europe from the scurge of Islam (conveniently forgetting where some refugees from Hungary went during the time of the Ottoman Empire). He does not want any refugees in his country and considers the refugees as a German problem.

Manchester girl, 16, pleads guilty to terror charges

The Anarchist's Cookbook

The Anarchist's Cookbook
The Anarchist's Cookbook

BBC News reports that an unnamed 16 year old girl from Manchester has pled guilty to 2 counts of terrorism charges related to posessing documents that were likely to be of use to a person preparing or committing an act of terrorism.

This is linked to the arrest of a 14 year old boy from Blackburn who had previously pleaded guilty to terrorism charges.

There are no specifics, and the article stated that no evidence was found that the girl was aware or played any part in the Anzac Day plot or any plan to harm others or incite terrorism in the UK or elsewhere, the court was told.


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