On non-Muslims

“What if you’re cycling and accidently eat a fly?”

That was one of the questions I received about fasting, among others, some equally as silly. I did my best to answer them because I knew  the person enough to know they were genuinely interested - “it’s nice to be able to talk about this stuff, I never really learnt about it at school and if this had been school I’d have been given detention ages ago for all these questions”.

Are people like computers?

Are people like computers?

Just a thought, are we humans a bit like computers.

1] The box that houses the computer comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. Just like humans.

2] We have a hard drive, it’s called a brain and it resides in our skull. The brain controls most of the essential functions of the body. Doing so without us even thinking about them. Just like the main processor in the hard drives operating system.

3] We see, hear, touch, taste and smell by the use of our external sensors, The computer receives information from its external sources. We do have the extra advantage of having the use of logic, gut feeling and some might say a disadvantage the feelings of guilt and compassion.

Some thoughts on the debate, EU Stay or Leave, plus some links you might find interesting.

My nephew asked me what my thoughts were on the stay/remain refferendum. This is a copy of the E=mail i sent him.

Some thoughts on the debate, EU Stay or Leave, plus some links you might find interesting.

As I said my views are still uncertain, one view is to vote leave to embarrass the government, who probably thought that they would have not won the election, at least not outright, so would not have needed to call a referendum.

My other view was not to have joined in the first place, remaining with EFTA, as the EEC which was to have been simply a trading club, [so we were told] and not as we found out later, a political union. As I said when we had a similar referendum in 1973 I voted to leave. 

British-Palestinian schoolgirl gets kicked out of public speaking competition due to Zionist bullies

Last week the above video went viral when a 15 year old spoke out as part of a public speaking competition for so eloquently speaking about Palestine.

British-Palestinian Leanne Mohamad, a 15-year-old student, won a regional final of the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge with her speech ‘Birds not Bombs'.

Online people applauded the eloquence of the speaker and many congratulated her both for the content and her success.

Not everyone.

Cue the Israel supporters and trolls going on their own mission to victimise this young speaker.

The BBC's response to my claim of Bias

BBC Scotland Office - Glasgow

BBC Scotland Office - Glasgow
BBC Scotland Office - Glasgow

I complained over the quality of coverage by BBC News recently and especially on its focus on attacking Jeremy Corbyn no matter what the actual local election results suggested - they had a narrative from before the results had been declared and IMO stuck to that narrative even when the result contradited it. The whole aim was to make Jeremy Corbyn look bad no matter what the outcome of the elections.

The BBC has sent me the following response:

Anti Muslim Craziness: "Muslim girl sent home by school in France over long skirt"

From The Independent:

A teenage Catholic girl who converted to Islam has been banned from attending a school in the eastern Paris suburbs because her skirt is too long.

Women must not be told what to wear unless they choose to wear something we do not like seems to be the mantra.

"Je suis hypocrites".

David Cameron, the friend of Muslims - NOT!

David Cameron at Chatham House, 2015

David Cameron
"The Future of Britain's Relationship with the European Union, 10 November 2015"

Over the weekend, it has emerged that David Cameron has written another set of identikit letters to various communities in London in support of the Conservative candidate for Mayor, Zack Goldsmith.

Previously there has been controversy when David Cameron wrote identikit letters to multiple regions as part of his charm offensive. Most regions found it offensive as the letters were all the same, but with the names of the regions changed - this was exposed by the Yorkshire Post which refused to go along with the charade.

The House of Saud

For the first time the BBC ran and article [once[ on the news criticises what the Saudis are up to in Yemen. This led me to do a little research, it appears that the House of Saud is getting a lot of criticsm. Could this be the start of the fall House of Saud? Still the UK can always give them asylum if needed.

Saudi 'economic bomb': Running out of money

Saudi Arabia may have to start taxing its people

Now Saudi Arabia can't pay for all those benefits. It ran a deficit of nearly $100 billion last year and expects something similar this year, if not worse.

Maundy Thursday saw the Pope washing feet of a few people

We are now into Holy week, Maundy Thursday saw the Pope washing feet of a few people [including a few bemused migrants] Our Queen as stopped doing this many years ago and gives out specially minted money instead.

We stripped the alter in our Church after having a service which symbolises the betrayal of Jesus, by his trusted disciples, to the legal Authorities?  Leaving their leader to face the consequence on his own.

Good Friday will be a quiet day with a simple mass and a talk about the show trial and execution of Jesus.


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