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Crisis in Gaza

Is that a little weird? Since when has Gaza not been in crisis?


BBC News[/url]]Gaza's humanitarian situation is at its worst since Israel occupied the territory in 1967, say UK-based human rights and development groups.

They include Amnesty International, Save the Children, Cafod, Care International and Christian Aid.

They criticise Israel's blockade on Gaza as illegal collective punishment which fails to deliver security.

A breakfast fit for kings

I had boiled tomatoes on toast for breakfast. A breakfast fit for kings.

One of the few things I liked about early shifts was getting 2 has browns an egg and a boiled tomato in a muffin. Gorgeous.

I had no idea how to make it myself, and Google just revealed recipe's for tomato soup. In the end got a tin of peeled tomatoes in rich tomato sauce from Sainsbury's.

I Heated it all up 'til the sauce was bubbling (a word of caution - a normal tin contains 4 tomatoes - and average breakfast will probably be just one or two). Made some toast. In the same was as usual - no margarine or butter. Made a cup of tea. No sugar. That was on oversight, but since I drink very little sugar in my tea, I thought I'd roll with it.

My verdict? Delicious. Y'all should try it.

Feeling qualified.

I do not like to apply for jobs unless I feel reasonably qualified. I also try to be brutally honest to myself.

Now that is a recipe for disaster if I ever saw one. Especially since I want to move out of sales - my bread and butter role of the last few years. Most of my employment life.

I Just applied for a position of Junior Web Developer. I have been making websites, maintaining and updating them for years, but I really had to think before I decided that I am qualified to apply for such a role.

Truth matters

The truth waits for nobody. It does not [url=/blogs/seraphim/truth-lies]begin in lies[/url], nor does it need to be sugar coated in lies. Truth is the absense of Lies. No matter what House says. If it is relative, it is not a truth but an opinion.

Some people lie to others for a multitude of reasons. Some which sound good, others which do not. But why do people lie to themselves?

If you cannot be truthful to yourself, can you be truthful to others?

Philosophy, Intellect and the freedom to fail?

I hold a philosophy that others have lambasted me for - a person is allowed to fail.

A person does not have to be the best, or even succeed. Taken to its logical limit, A person does not even have to participate. This is their right. People are allowed to fail. This may not lead to money, success, fame or anything else, but not everything is about that.

Using this philosophy, what is a capable person? Someone who is smart, can do things, or someone who actually does things? I would argue the latter.

It's the same with intellect - someone who is "smart" but does nothing is not as smart as another who is "less intellectual" but actually acts or achieves something.

Where am I going with this? Nowhere. It's just a blog post.


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